The Build a Fort ‘Man of the Year’.

I fucking love Titanic, I don’t know whether it’s the fact I’m a hopeless romantic or that seeing Kate Winslet’s nipple when you’ve just hit puberty is always going to be a fond memory, but the Leonardo DiCaprio we saw in that is a hell of a long way from the Leo who has been in the two best blockbusters of 2010. Shutter Island was my favorite film of this year and unfortunately, was so good that I kind of didn’t enjoy Inception as much as I should have because the whole ‘wife and kids’ theme was in both and far superior in Shutter Island, so if by some minor miracle you haven’t seen either, watch Inception first. He is just incredible in both and a deserving nominee for the Man of the Year.

Tyler, The Creator has surely got to deserve a nomination. As the leader of underground rap sensations ‘Odd Future’, he is creating a real name for himself featuring on the Mishka and Pitchfork End Of Year lists for his self released album ‘Bastard’. The album is dark, immature, disgusting and most of all fucking brilliant. He did the production himself, it smacks of old school and was made when he had just turned 18. This is a guy who has been proactive, obviously has a lot of talent and displays the carefree, non pretentious themes which are hard to find in credible rap.

50 Cent may not have got on this list for his music this year (although his appearance on the remix of ‘Like a G6’ was actually quite good), but he certainly deserves his place on this list. Any of y’all who have Twitter will know why. Fiddy caused a sensation a few months back when he seemingly fired any kind of public relations people who worked for him and embarked on a campaign of filth. So much so, I felt compelled to write a post about it which you can find HERE. Once you’ve read that, you will need no further justification.

Karl Pilkington’s ‘An Idiot Abroad’ was quite simply the greatest thing on television this year. It was the funniest thing I may have ever seen. His incredible observations such as comparing the Great Wall of China to the M6 and stating that they couldn’t have ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ in China because they would just treat it as an all you can eat buffet meant that he should surely go down as one of the men of 2010.

None of these titans could come anywhere near the winner of ‘Man Of The Year’. A visionary doing as much for race relations in South Africa as Mandela before him, this year belonged to none other than Ninja, one half of Die Antwoord, a ‘rap rave’ sensation who made Zef fresh and baggy short shorts desirable. Yes their album might not be the greatest, but as brilliant as ‘Enter the Ninja’ and ‘Evil Boy’ are, it’s the concept behind them which truly is special.

Blurring the lines between reality and a joke, this man should not have only been the Man of the Year on this site, but also Time magazine’s Man of the Year and beating Laura Marling to the top of the NME ‘Cool’ list. The question ‘is nu folk still relevant?’ is for another time, but in short, no.

There was a stage earlier this year where South African accents were used more in me and @Jeffrey_Khan’s flat more than our slightly home counties ones. Below are the two videos which are sensational. And if this isn’t reason enough, he claims to have a kid with Yolandi Vi$$er which means at some point, he slept with her. That is all.

I wasn’t being sexist, next post – Woman of the Year.


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