50 Cent Is Big In The Twitter Game.

Twitter is good for a lot of things, like following all your favorite websites so when they’re updated you’ll know, or using it as a forum to talk about haircuts (as I do. I dragged out shaving my head to 4 whole twitpics, varying lengths until I had no hair left), or even following your real friends who might even (GASP) do status updates more than on Facebook. In fact, I’m glad I’ve got twitter because I am the kind of twat that wants to share everything with everyone and became one of those even bigger twats who updated his status to say ‘going shopping’ or some shit like that.

Now, saying things like that aren’t going to lose you friends on Facebook, because they are meant to be your real friends, or at least girls you’ve lamely tried to chat up and remembered their name, which they probably regret telling you once the friend request comes rolling in. However, on twitter, put lame status updates and you’ll lose followers. And who wants to tweet to fuck all? It’s easy to stray into this territory as I can tell you from experience. Here is an example of one of those occasions.Who the fuck wants to hear about that? I was ashamed when I just looked back and found that. I thought I’d changed. Aw well, I wasn’t even meant to write a post about my own twitter. I was meant to turn your eyes to the genuine madness that is 50 Cent’s twitter. It just can’t be real. That’s how rediculous it is. But is it. It’s a verified account and he’s been mad for three weeks now.

It seemed that 50 Cent went mad on twitter as soon as Kanye West joined. Kanye’s arrival on Twitter got off to a good start with ‘classic’ Kanye magic such as ‘Fur pillows are hard to sleep on’, but then this weekend he turned into a complete pussy and started a four hour apology to Taylor Swift. I like Kanye because he’s an arrogant dickhead not because he’s humble. He didn’t even tweet back when Fiddy taunted him. Fiddy should stop running his mouth though, because I haven’t forgotten when he said he’d quit making music if his album ‘Curtis’ got outsold by Kanye’s ‘Graduation’.

So whilst West is trying to win round the public, 50 Cent seems intent on driving them away. And it is magnificent to see. It’s as if a filthy minded 13 year old boy is tweeting for him. As I write this, his most current tweet is –
Amidst this, he has said he is going to shoot up gay weddings because Perez Hilton called him a douchebag, claimed he would kill someone who attacked his grammar (not even grandma), got banned from TwitPic for posting a picture of a women with a cheeseburger between her buttocks, posted a picture of himself as Adolf Hitler, impeded a legal case involving TI and stated he wanted a white girl who would put things in her bottom. Charming.

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