End Of Year Lists.

Nearly all of the end of year lists have been published now and the overwhelming sense is that, deservedly, Kanye’s album (you can read my review HERE) is the album of the year. End of year lists are not uniform, they reflect the tastes of the blog/publication by which they are created. In the case of the NME it’s whoever has paid them enough money to promote their shite, subpar, 2006 indie-pop, for Pitchfork, it’s whoever resembles sounding like AnCo most and with Build a Fort it’s kinda tricky because only Georgia May Jagger, Jean-Michel Basquiat and tattooed guys holding skulls really define this blog.

If you want THE best list of the year, check out Mishka’s. Although I don’t agree with some of it (haven’t heard some of it) it reflects the brand so well. 100 albums, beautifully laid out. It puts everything else to shame and their choice for the #1 seems to have been a bold one, but they couldn’t have chosen an album that is more ‘Mishka’.

Check it out HERE.
Listen to the ‘Trapdoor’, the standout track off Mishka’s #1 album ‘King Night’ by Salem below


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