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Virginia Dubois
Stay Classy
Well Fed


Fitted Bobble Hat.

Mishka got all smart in their lookbook this season but it’s nice to see they haven’t entirely deserted their aesthetic. Whens it all dropping in the U.K.?

Good Night.

I’ll do a full post tomorrow.

Vans Vault – Filson Pack.

Just dropped at End. The rucksack is so nice.

Frank Jasper Jr.

Everyone loves looking at pictures of cute dogs on the internet. My friend Jerri just got a lil’ pug called Frank. I need a dog in my life. Expect so many Photobooth pictures when it’s my turn to dogsit.

Jeremy’s Jelly Sandals.

For God’s sake. How much longer are Adidas going to drag out this collaboration? It was rubbish at the beginning and it’s getting worse. These are fucking jelly sandals with laces and a hideous wing attached to the side. The Jeremy Scott collab is only known in mass culture due to Jedward being styled in the winged monstrosities last year. Also, apologies for the slow down in posts but I’ve become addicted to the Jersey Shore and it’s even better than scouring the internet for tasteful model pictures and sneaks. Hypebeast.

Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell – One (Your Name) [Foals Cover]

I have some interesting anecdotes involving Foals but shan’t dwell as my blog is called Build a Fort and not Drop a Name. Anyway, the latest album was pretty good, no? It is all eclipsed, however by this absolutely awesome cover of Swedish House Mafia.