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Urbanears Bagis Headphones.

Unbanears created a storm last Spring with their block colour headphones in a variety of colours giving an aesthetic as well as aural treat. I unfortunately am never without a hat on. It is mostly due to the fact that my hair is terrible, but is also down to my tremendous taste in hats. This means I could never buy the Platten model; their most well known creation, but if I did, it would have been those delicious pastel mint green ones. If like me you have a reason you can’t wear them then Urbanears have a new in-ear model called the Bagis. Coming in a variety of colours including my two picks above, they are not only another stunning design but have also had great write ups. Unfortunately they are not available in the U.K. yet. However, the Urbanears website is offering shipping to the U.K. for €5 and the headphones at €30 so you don’t need to wait.


Wearing a Triangle Doesn’t Make You Sinister.

I am fed up to fucking death of this Illuminati and devil worship shit. Let’s just put this into context. Kanye wears an Actual Pain hat. The text of ‘Actual Pain’ is in the shape of a triangle. Yet more fuel on the fire with these dumb fucks believing it means he is part of the Illuminati. Also, in a ‘two for one’ for these stupid conspiracy theorists with this hat, Actual Pain as a brand, exploit Satanic imagery. Yet…these hats are on sale to the general public, in fact, you can buy them here; so does that mean when I part with the $29 I am a part of the Illuminati? NO. It means I enjoy the imagery in the same way as Kanye does and the creative directors of Lady Gaga videos. The imagery is in vogue. It’s a hollow fashion with no sinister undertones behind it. Now, it’s not to say that these things don’t have to have a semiotic meaning, but it’s far less sinister. As a prime example, inverted crosses are pretty much the dopest thing out there. It doesn’t take a genius to realise they don’t represent devil worship, they just represent an anti-establishment feeling or youth angst if you’re referring to the masses of images circulating on Tumblr of galz wearing inverted cross rings.

Edwin Home Run Jacket.


Huf Skate Mental Clock.

Finally available in the U.K. at Chimp.

TV On The Radio – ‘Will Do’

New Metronomy Single – ‘The Look’

The Cool Kids – ‘Bundle Up’