Supreme / Damien Hirst Skateboard Decks. (2011)

Two years ago Damian Hirst collaborated with Supreme on a set of decks. Blurring the lines between whether you are owning an actual piece of art or just a deck, the money that the original run of decks now sell for would indicate the former. Using designs that Hirst has incorporated into his art over the years, including his spin paintings and spot paintings, the decks are my favorite of all the artist collaborations that Supreme have done. The iconography on the top of the decks is as rad as the designs on the bottom, so if you want to hang them, best to get two of each. The spin painting deck with the yellow top is a highlight for me.

These shall be available from Other Criteria so sign up to their mailing list so you don’t miss out. There is no information as to how much these will retail for, but this latest batch will feature some hand drawn, unique images by Hirst himself, and being the savvy businessman that he is, I think they’ll fetch quite a price. Via HUH.


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