Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Vest (A/W 09)

After endlessly searching ‘Kid Cudi Pendleton Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket’ on numerous search engines, it only occurred to me today that it may be in fact a ‘vest’ (Americanz, geez) and Cudi’s own layering. So I searched for the ‘vest’ and sort of found it. I’m still fairly convinced Cudi’s is custom because the pattern is placed slightly different and the sleeves definitely look attached, but I am being a pedant. I feel a sort of closure after this long process but will never quite be satisfied until it turns up on eBay or… they use this classic Pendleton pattern on another collaboration in the coming seasons. One can dream.


3 responses to “Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Vest (A/W 09)

  1. if you pay attention to the movie “hot tub time machine” the main villian guy wears this jacket or vest. kid cudi is good friends with clark duke who was one of the main characters i’m pretty sure it was a movie prop gift. which means it’ll be extra hard to find 😦

  2. yo i found this and it only took 30 min :] scroll down and youll see the jacket

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