PANTYHOSE is a project by New York based photographer Howard Chu. In his own words:

“PANTYHOSE started when I was looking for an outlet to show my more intimate work. What resulted was a raw, improvisational aesthetic that continues to inspire me to explore this aspect of my work. Simply put, PANTYHOSE is 6.5” x 10.25” printed piece containing photography of exciting women in pantyhose and high heels. But it’s much more than that. PANTYHOSE is a dream-like experience. It’s the dream of people who share, and experiment with, a singular vision and a desire for an escape.”

They are incredible photographs and just to warn you, although no graphic nudity is shown they are probably NSFW. Issues 1-5 are available online and Issue 6 is coming soon. I am in the middle of inquiring whether the psychical copies are available to purchase.

I got in touch with Howard Chu and found out that psychical copies are available to purchase. You can either email him directly and Paypal the money over, or hold tight whilst a shop section is set up on the website. However, each edition is limited to 100 copies so it’s best not to wait around. The magazines cost $14 and shipping is free within the United States. Shipping to the U.K. will cost an additional $6.


One response to “PANTYHOSE Magazine.

  1. I am a lover of cycling my whole life..and a lover of womans legs in stockings my whole life…perfect picture..

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