Visvim ‘Yukka’ and ‘Flynt Lo’ Models.

Hypebeast recently styled a shoot for End I thought it was put together and shot really nicely. Hypebeast commenters failed to share my view, stating that Hypebeast should stick to reporting, but then again commenters on that site are the best anonymous stylists and designers in the world.

Amongst the shoot which you can view here, were a couple of close snaps of Visvim models. A Hypebeast favorite for a while it seems apt they were included. Visvims don’t have the same life when just stock photographed. When worn they seem to transform to the point where saving for a year for them seems like a feasible idea. Fusing a contemporary sole with a Native American moccasin, the ‘Yukka‘ is a low and unfringed version of their Shaman model which was probably their most recognisable silhouette. Taking inspiration from the classic boat shoe, the Yukkas are a lot more accessible, because unfortunately, with the Shamans, you could be mistaken for wearing your girlfriend’s Minnetonkas . The other model is the ‘Flynt Lo‘, coming in a total of five colourways including three contrast and two block. The block colourways, in black and brown are just beautiful.

Unfortunately if you want to get your hands on these shoes, they are not only extremely limited meaning that stock levels in these shores are incredibly low, but they are also incredibly expensive. However, if you’re a drug dealer, have rich parents or just an incredibly hard worker, there are no other shoes in the world of Hypebeasts that are quite so coveted. End.


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