Holga 135BC.

Above are sample shots from the Holga 135BC courtesy of the Lomography Microsite. The reason I am fairly excited about owning one of these is that unlike the classic Holgas, it shoots in 35mm film. I haven’t flirted with Lomography since I sold my Diana Mini last summer. That proved to be a blessing because the amount of money spent on such crap results was just not worth it. The Holga 135BC appears to have the best features of the Diana Mini and is a lot cheaper. It doesn’t have the option of the half frame or square frame that the Mini had, but that was a con anyway. It cost more to get processed and half the pictures never came out. God I’m bitter.

The 135BC allows you to do multiple exposures and has the bulb setting to allow long exposures. I really think it would benefit from having a built in flash because attaching a bigazz flash to the hot shoe on a lil’ toy camera makes you look like a complete gimp. It should be a good camera to have now summer is coming up and the light is getting a bit better. If you’re savvy you can pick one up for £23 brand new. I treat you guys. eBay.


2 responses to “Holga 135BC.

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for this! It cleared everything up immediately. I was conflicted whether I should get the (awesome!!! looking) white diana mini or the really ugly holga 135bc which seems to get the best results and reviews.

    Ive decided on the Holga 135bc because I liked the results far more than the mini (although im so sick of the frame already, its the most ugliest camera ive ever seen:/ im considering spray painting mine gold). I havent had a mini before but based on what everybody is saying, it seems to only get a few good shots and the rest are fails.

    Im gonna order this tomorrow and get coloured filters for them too; but ill probably use cellophane or something instead of spending big on pieces of plastic.

    Thanks to your review, you saved me from getting a mini so thanks!

    • You are definitively making the right choice. They are certainly not as pretty as the Diana Mini, but have a sort of clunky charm. Spraying it gold sounds like a good idea! Hope you get good results out of it!

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