Hypebeast for Native Fitzsimmons Boot.

Hypebeast just unveiled a collaboration with Native on their successful Fitzsimmons hiking boot. Limited to 100 pairs they are retailing for $90. The boots have always confused me because I can never decide whether I actually would wear them or whether I just like them because they look so comfy. They do fill a gap in the market for fashion conscious hiking boots that aren’t over £150 and with the right outfit they do look really good. The colourway Hypebeast chose is derivative of the wildly successful Supra ‘Henry’ boot of last season which is seemingly the only credible Supra release to date and is a fucking brilliant piece of footwear. What I can’t understand though, is why this collab is taking place now. In America summer is on its way, same with England. I really want these, but unlike last year where I took a trip to the Lake District, I’m not going to be able to swag out some hiking boots without looking like a tool. Hypebeast.


These are almost sold out unless you’re a U.K. 11 and by the time you read this then your luck will probably be out too. However, Flatspot have three colourways from last seasons collection still in stock if you’re interested.


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