Penfield S/S 2010.

The full Penfield S/S collection is set to drop in March. New season backpacks have arrived at Urban Outfitters with the Idlewood replacing the nylon material from last season with what appears to be waxed cotton and they look amazing. However, my reason for writing is in anticipation of a yellow raincoat/deckcoat which I have a suspicion will be unveiled. Although absent from the lookbook with only a light blue version making an appearance, with the popularity the yellow raincoat this season from the likes of Norse Projects and Henri Lloyd, I’m hoping Penfield have hopped on this bandwagon and will offer their take on this waterproof garment at a slightly more affordable price.

Looking closely at the light blue one appearing in the lookbook, it appears to be made out of a heavier material than the PVC of a classic raincoat, but hopefully it will be fully waterproof. Not dissimilar to their ‘Switch’ jacket a couple of seasons ago which had a price point of £80, the Penfield raincoat will be the raincoat to have if you can’t afford £160. That is as long as they produce it in yellow.


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