Incase iPhone 4 Chrome Slider Case.

My contract ran out just after Christmas on that shitty Samsung Genio Touch. I only got it because it tempted me with mobile social networking at such a cheap price. What I was to discover was that the cheap price came at a high cost because I kept posting drunken updates and was being a fucking whiny lil’ bitch about girls. I am so surprised I didn’t lose more actual friends on Facebook. This also applied to Twitter but I had about ten followers at the time so fuck ’em. I managed to keep my subconscious drunk self at bay after a couple of months and drunk tweets and updates ceased and I’ve never looked back. I’ve realised if you are going to feel sorry for yourself, you at least have to try and be funny whilst doing it, and no-one is coherently funny after 5 cans.

So, after Christmas I decided I was going to finally join the elite world of the iPhone users for £35 a month and £15 insurance a month for 24 months. This wasn’t even the iPhone 4. My reason for getting the old iPhone aside from the fact you have to pay a lump sum for the new one? The swagged out Incase chrome slider case. I bought the case before I got the iPhone in excitement. The reality is that the case is pretty rad but a bit chunky and not actually chrome. How naive of me, but for the RRP of £30 I wanted a bit more than plastic. I got it for a tenner on eBay so no worries. Anyway, I was just browsing the Incase store on the casual and saw the new metallic slider cases for the iPhone four and they are twice as nice. I now have a 24 month contract on an old iPhone because of a fucking case that isn’t even that good.

Got a feeling the cases will be dropping at Flatspot real soon. Fuck the P&P on the Incase website.


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