The Great Big Tumblr Debate.

This was originally going to be an incredible piece of writing because I was really passionate about it and really hate the majority of Tumblr users due to their inability to let a 2004-2006 trend go. Hello Kitty and Snakebites OMG YUR SO PERDY. PWEASE FOLLOW ME. Fuck off, grow up and get a WordPress you fucking idiots. Unfortunately, my passion died down a bit and is reflected in the limpness of this piece.

A couple of days ago I decided to make a Flickr for selected images that I’m relatively proud of so whoever comes on this website can have a quick look at them. Within two days, whilst trawling through my daily dose of bookmarked tumblrs, I came across the above image. A picture I took from a time my brother and his friends went for a skate. As I write, it’s doing the rounds on Tumblr and currently has been re-blogged over 1000 times and counting. However, the source who posted it in the first place didn’t even bother to link it back to my Flickr so all those lil’ post-myspace boppers have co-opted my work without me gaining any credit.

Now, this has put me in a strange position, because I should be annoyed at this situation. It should be my right to be annoyed, but the problem is, I’d be a hypocrite if I did. This blog has thousands of images on it that aren’t mine and I didn’t think twice about posting them. I loosely cited the blog I got them from as a reference without linking the exact post, just the website, so it would be hard work to trace them back to their original owner. In essence they get no credit. This makes me just as bad as the person who took my image in the first place.

If you’re getting your pictures from somewhere like Hypebeast, they are commercial pictures so the need to cite is much less than if it’s off an unknown’s Flickr. For example, I don’t think Terry Richardson is going to be too bothered that in the below post about Gaga I didn’t mention he was the photographer because it would be easy enough to find out somewhere else. I would be a lot more pissed off about the co-option if I was serious about photography and created my Flickr to get my name out there. I am not a photographer. I just have some fun with a camera and had a coupla projects to do for uni. I did it so people could stumble across a few images, hopefully like them and give me a bit of credit.

I’m not on my high horse. I like doing picture posts. They are a good opportunity to express your visual tastes and establish the tone of your blog, but this has made me want to try and link back to original images where possible. This works out well for y’all because then you can go on their photostreams etc and find photographers you actually like and not just single images that get lost in a sea of usual Tumblr crap.

In the meantime, if you want some good photoblogs –

Think Not Thoughts.
You Will Be Sad.
50 Year Storm.


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