2K11 is fast approaching and whilst settling down to watch a subpar film with the fam on Boxing Day I got a piece of paper and made a quick list of everything I want to achieve in the coming year. Some were insanely dull and made me doubt why I have any friends and others were the kind of things you would expect on a 13 year old girl’s list. Here is my list, complete with descriptions that have only been added in hindsight.

Sort Out Handwriting
This was born out of the fact that ‘Nigel Slater’s Christmas’ was on the television before writing this list and he had very nice handwriting. I’m not sure how possible it is to change your handwriting but I’m going to try. I am unfortunately left handed so this is the hardest one in the list to achieve.

Remove Love Scars
As referenced in a previous post, the first tattoo I got was a touching couple of words inked on me in the midst of the whirlwind of my first love. Unfortunately things went bad and I no longer wear it with pride. Other tattoos are in homage in a much more subtle way so it’s not like I’m trying to delete the past, but I feel that it’s something I need to do to move on.

Get More Tatts
It’s been ages since I got my last batch and I’ve been umming and arring over whether to go for a patchwork kinda sleeve or an all encompassing one (I don’t know the correct terminology for that). I have reached the conclusion that I need some leaves on my roses, a crown and an all seeing eye.

Decorate Flat
The flat in Brighton is a wonderful place and feels like home, but there’s nothing like a few decadent pictures and a throw to make the honeyz feel at home.

Grow My Hair
Now, I don’t actually agree with this anymore. I have realised I actually cannot be bothered with hair and my extensive hat collection is far better than any hairstyle I could muster. The only problem is that it’s not socially acceptable to wear socks in bed, let alone a hat and I’m definitely less attractive without any headwear.

Get A Job
Gone are the days when I could take the moral high ground because of my full time employment at Reiss, making honest money and actually loving life, instead, I’m living off a student loan and the winnings of putting my collection of far too skinny jeans on eBay.

Screenprint T-Shirts/Make Stickers
I have genuine plans to screenprint some Build a Fort t-shirts. If only for my own benefit. One of the problems with streetwear is that it’s nigh on impossible to find a t-shirt with just subtle branding on the front. You think your onto a winner and there’s a fucking huge slogan on the back. I can promise you that there will be nothing on the back of these t-shirts. Stickers need no explanation, I’ll do the tried and tested thing of asking y’all to get in touch and I’ll send some out for you to spread the word.

Make A 5 Aside Team
This should have happened in September. Me and @Jeffrey_Khan had big plans but unfortunately, due to kicking footballs into gardens far too often without being able to get them back, our enthusiasm was softened even though Sports Direct do a 2 for £5 deal on Sondico balls. However, what we lacked in practical activity we made up for in the studying of the game. I watched more football in the last three months than I have watched in my entire life. No matter how bad the morning/couple of days after, Soccer AM, Goals on Sunday, MOTD, MOTD II, Reivsta La Liga, Ford Soccer Saturday, Ford Super Sunday and Champions League Weekly have given me a much needed hug.

Fall In Love
An obvious one, and a really fucking lame one, but I really do wanna and I think we all do. To give it a lighter note, I really want to buy that American Apparel bodysuit for someone and there needs to be love to do that, and not only because of the fucking ridiculous price tag.


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