AmApp Winter Coat.

This is the second mundane post in as many months that is about me purchasing a new coat. Partly because I want to brag about my taste in coats. Whilst many would class me as a hipster, I am actually physically unable to grow a mustache, haven’t ridden a bike (let alone a fixed gear bike) since a terrifying trip from a farm to a skatepark when I was 15 and the only thing I wear ironically is a sovereign ring I bought from Argos. I say these things because that is what we associate the retailer from which I bought this coat from. Guyz, you are sharp. IT’Z AMAPP.

Although looking to get rid of it’s hipster image (of which you can learn about more in an article I wrote HERE) it still is associated with it. I however don’t know what I’d do without them. Where else do you get a good quality, simple t-shirt which doesn’t have a skeleton riding a horse on a mountain of moths? All Saints t-shirts are fucking everywhere and I fucking hate them all. Don’t even get me started on military boots. Anyone who wears them should hang themselves by their shoe strings.

This isn’t the only reason I’d be upset if AmAppy™ went under as everyone is telling us it will do. I have a real thing for leggings. Not for myself, although I once bought some jeggings to sleep in until I realised it was slightly weird. I’m not only talking about the models on their website flaunting their size 8 pins, but basically anyone wearing wearing high waisted leggings top tucked in (or optional crop top) I will fancy. Within reason obz. American Apparel is the prime source for outfitting the nation of art students with these garments and ordinary girls are transformed into beautiful sirens ready to break my heart on the rocks. If this sounds weird I will edit it in the morning.

The reason this is all linked to my wonderful jacket is that, as much as I like to think it looks good on me (I do not part with that kind of money easily) due to the nature of AmApp’s unisex ethos, when sending the link of my coat to show my sizz on Facebook, I saw on their website, in the ‘view more pics’ section, this image.
So basically, this post is an advert for any girls who want my coat. You just have to own those leggings. Only catch is that you have to be my girlfriend. I look forward to the responses.


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