What Have I What Have I.

TUMBLR KIDS. You are beautiful. Don’t get all insecure and add text onto a picture of legs highlighting your dreams. You will shed your puppy fat and marry that hawwt emo boy you’ve been dreaming of. Stay strong. Lots of love.

Whilst looking for some more pictures to entertain you with, I ran down that rabbit hole which we can all relate to. On Tumblr getting trapped on post-Myspace emo’s blogs where all they post are pictures of cupcakes, webcam pictures of themselves with the contrast turned up so much that their nose disappears and pictures of the ‘perfect’ emo boy. Mostly that guy from BMTH (I prefer BNTM, one week they had to be covered in nutella for a photoshoot) or Miley Cyrus’s brother who went a bit overboard with the tatts. That is the problem with Tumblr. For every brilliant blog on Tumblr posting pictures of thin girls in leggings, (not sexual, just aesthetically can’t be beaten), there is one that would share their strife via the bulletin board of Myspace 05. They post their problems and life on the internet seriously. WHERE THA HUMOUR?

I may write about my insecurities that have got a million times worse in these past few days, but GUYZ, I do not expect you to actually care. Just deleted a rather brilliant line as I got lured into forgetting this is the internet and not a personal diary. SOZ GUYZ.In other news, the person claiming to be Georgia May Jagger tweeted me to say thank you for plugging her latest video which you can see a few posts below which is pretty cool if it is actually her. Although I’m not happy about sharing my thank you with another person. Bit lazy of her. Anyway, the song in the video is none other than the NME touted, 2006 sounding, none relevant but kinda catchy Egyptian Hip Hop. Didn’t listen to them before that video and I’m not even sure they are that good, but due to the nature of a Pavlovian response I hear their song ‘Rad Pitt’ and think about Georgia wandering around a garden in just a pair of sequin trousers. It’s probably going to remain my favorite song for some time yet.

I uploaded the track onto SoundCloud for your pretty little ears.


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