Star Of Love.

This evening should have been a dull evening. I didn’t plan to go out because I have to get up early to make sure the postman delivers my UNDFTD yellow bobble beanie from Urban Industry (little plug for you guys) and it doesn’t get sent back to the post office, or even worse BACK TO THE DEPOT when I fail to get to the door in time after the buzz, wearing just some skimpy underpants and a pizza stained wifebeater. So whilst contemplating whether to go out I decided to be a model student and make a start on a presentation on the Dada use of the photogram in Weimar Germany. Sounds dull, but I am generally enamored and transfixed by Man Ray and Duchamp. Forget Dash Snow making a collage from cumming on pictures of Saddam Hussain, if Vice had been around in the twenties they would have been bum licking Duchamp. Regardless of that terrible analogy, I managed to pass first year.Amongst expanding your mind with this view, my general point was that, whilst reading up on how to make a photogram, I decided to stream Crystal Fighters album ‘Star Of Love’ on their website after hearing a bit of buzz and catching them briefly at ‘the Great Escape’ this year. Without wanting to sound like a music blogger (just go on Hypem and read how many posts start with ‘I have never been a fan of ________, but this blew me away’), I have never been a fan of Crystal Fighters, but this blew me away.

It’s a deeply wierd album. It juxtaposes Spanish folk with some electro dub and even delves into a bit of filthy dubstep (a lowpoint of the album), but the driving force of this album is that every song is ridiculously catchy, whether it be the beat or the flow. The female vocals sometimes stray into Peaches territory and the male vocals definitely outshadow them, and if I could remember track names after this solitary listen I would tell you which ones to skip, but I’m feeling lazy and I’ll let you discover that for yourself.


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