Liv Love.

I am not willing to pay five pounds for Love magazine. Mainly because I like the simpler things in life, such as Front Magazine and the thought that Georgia May Jagger is two years younger than me, which increases the likelihood that we could ever date. Love is one of those magazines that promises to be New! Exciting! Young! as they all do, and in fairness to Katie Grand (not to be confused with Katy Brand who does those fucking godawful sketch shows and terrible panel show appearances), she does have a good track record when it comes to magazines and the like. What I don’t get though (and before I start, I am aware these magazines are not directed at straight men), is why the fuck you would pay so much for so many adverts and such little content.

All is not lost though, because sometimes in these magazines, you stumble across something which will be worth the cover price alone. Notable moments of this happening were Lily Allen in ID’s FUN issue last year and Abbey Lee in ID’s Winter 2009 issue. Both of these reside happily in my collection, and Abbey Lee resides all over my (tasteful) wall. Andy Warhol once famously said, ‘I never read I just look at pictures’. This may not fit very well into my Visual Culture degree where I have to look at pictures, then read a few books and decide what I’m going to waste 5000 words writing about, but I am very much with Andy when it comes to Love, ID, Pop, and the like. Dazed is for 16yr old Londoners so it doesn’t count.

I’ll buy these magazines on the basis of flicking through them and finding just one shoot in which the girl steals my heart. I have not, however, caved in and bought Love this time around. This is more in protest at having to endure eight emaciated, supermodel bodies last time, but luckily a copy was flittering around my friends living room so I had a cheeky look. Forget the cover star, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. As beautiful as she may be, she has her flaws. She is dating someone who was in one of the worst films ever, Transporter 2, and she has never starred in Lord Of The Rings.

Liv Tyler stole the show. I don’t know whether it was because her hair was styled so that if you squinted, it looked like she had a blunt fringe in the style of Yolandi Vi$$er, or whether it’s the fact that she is seems to have been around for ever so I felt proud in the same way that I feel proud that David Beckham is still the best passer of a ball in world football. Check out the full shoot HERE.

+ If you’re not into pretension and want music, good articles and accessible fashion alongside beautiful girls, buy Notion. Imagine if Nylon Guys wasn’t so shit and there were more nipples.


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