I just shopped at Topman. Not buying t-shirts like Big Chris, but the nicest jacket out there. It takes a lot for me to say that ’cause I’m a bit of a high-street fascist and generally despise Toppers. However, this jacket is so great because it’s just like the Penfield ones from last season, just without the price-tag pretension. Anyway, I love it so much that I went out last night to Jailbait and I didn’t take it off.

Saying that, I probably didn’t take it off because I didn’t think that there were any straight girls to impress with the tatts, which is a poor reflection on the night because I usually strip down to a vest if I’m feeling particularly primal. It was basically a lesbian night and I didn’t mind too much because I saw the hottest girl I have ever seen, and my friend managed to say she was doing a project or some shit and got her picture which I cannot wait to be developed so I can share it with your eyes. Although her friend insisted on being in it too, and she was nowhere near as hot which it totes gonna ruin the dream. Buy the jacket here.


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