Case Of The Ex.

Posting shall probably not be as frequent you loyal lovelys who check it daily as I have now moved back to Brighton and am yet to be ripped off by a Virgin Media broadband package. However, I do hear Costa do free WIFI and it’s nearly Christmas so they might have started doing that gingerbread latte again now so it’s a win for you and me. You are also in for a treat if you enjoy emo posts (writing that is. Not girls with snakebites and real bad pinup tattoos) because I feel like shit and no matter how many size 6 models with perfect breasts I post and look at, it’s not quite as good as the real thing. Also, I’m really sick of that Ridin’ Solo song which was such an inspiration to start with. I even wanted a slogan t-shirt. Aw well, I’ve just sold loadsa crap clothes on eBay to fund my sneaker habit so everything is fine. These are being purchased tomorrow.


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