As wonderful as the Diana Mini claims to be, as with all of LOMO’s cameras it has it’s faults. That I wouldn’t mind, but the fact I’m paying forty FUCKING pounds for a light leak and flimsy bit of plastic annoys me. Hence I’m selling it on eBay and I’m going to let the other suckers deal with it. Saying that, I’ve seen people do some wonderful things with the Diana, I however constantly forget to change the focus (why the hell is it not a point and shoot?) and I’m paying £10.99 (Snappy Snaps, don’t go to Jessops) because it’s USP is the fact you can do a split frame and it costs two WHOLE pounds more to process. I’m going to find a point and shoot on eBay and give up the hipster’s dream. My next piece of writing will be about me hating on Animal Collective, ghosting a fixed gear bike down a hill and the perils of shaving off an ironic mustache.


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